Doubling Drums

Doubling and panning the snares, hi-hats and percussion in a drum track adds fullness to a loop.

1: Load a kick, snare, open hi-hat and shaker into a Drum Rack. Program in a simple house beat:

2: In the Drum Rack control window, click the Chains button. Right-click the snare, hat and shaker in the “Chain” column and click “Duplicate.”

3: Pan one snare to 30L and the other to 30R. Pan one hi-hat to 50L and the other to 50R; do the same for the shaker. Lower the volume of each sample to -3dB; this compensates for the increased volume that comes from duplicating the samples.

4: Drop a Simple Delay onto one of the shakers. Click “Link,” set the Dry/Wet to 100 percent and set a very short delay time (3 or 4 ms).

All samples licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 Non-Commercial Attribution.


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