Keyswitching in Kontakt

I usually find Kontakt to be an annoyingly finicky VST, but its keyswitch feature is pretty awesome. Keyswitching uses the first octave in the MIDI piano roll to switch between different playing styles on the Kontakt instrument. Here’s a MIDI pattern (folded to save space) for the Gofriller Cello Kontakt instrument using its default legato keyswitch (MIDI note C1):

Program a cello part into Kontakt.

And here’s the same pattern, this time with the pizzicato keyswitch (MIDI note A#1) enabled instead:

Use the A#1 keyswitch to change to a pizzicato style.

You can mix keyswitches up in a pattern to change the playing style. Kontakt always applies the last enabled keyswitch to a note:

Vary the keyswitches to switch styles.

Keyswitches do different things on different Kontakt instruments; check the instrument’s manual for a list of keyswitches.


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