Extreme Stretching

When you drop an audio clip into Ableton, it guesses the tempo and applies one of its warping algorithms. If it guesses wrong, you can use the “:2” and “*2” buttons to quickly double or halve the tempo. You can also use this feature to stretch a clip out to extreme lengths, completely changing its sound.

Load a sample into Ableton, then enable warping and set the mode to “Texture.” Here, Ableton’s (correctly) guessed that the sample’s BPM is about 85.

Add a WAV-format sample to an Ableton audio track.

Keep clicking the “*2” button until Ableton stops doubling the tempo:

Click the "*2" button to double the sample's length.

If you want to stretch audio beyond Ableton’s capabilities, try using Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch.

Here’s Birdfeeder’s version of the Jurassic park theme song, stretched out to an hour:


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