Reverb Chains

Putting multiple reverbs on the same track creates a much more interesting effect than just using one.

Load the “Busy Filters” preset on the built-in Analog synth, then turn both LFOs off.  The chords are Bb Minor – Gb – Eb Minor – Ab; I’m using the Classik Studio Reverb pack. To highlight the effects of the reverbs, I’ll put them as insert effects, but you can also set this up as a return track.

Drop one of each type of reverb effect — plate, inverse, room and hall — onto the track. Varying the type and order of the effects will change the character of the final sound. Turn off all of the reverbs.

Add a plate, a hall, a room and an inverse reverb as insert effects.

Turn on the plate reverb. Set the “Mix” to around 50 percent. Adjust the rest of the parameters until you get a nice, thick reverb tone.

Set the plate reverb to around 50 percent wet.

Turn on the inverse reverb. Set its wet/dry mix to around 40%:

Turn the inverse reverb to 40 percent wet.

Switch on the room reverb.

Enable the Room reverb.

Finally, add a slight hall reverb:

Use a touch of hall reverb to add more space to the sound.

Play with the reverb times and try different wet/dry combinations until you find the sound that you want.


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