EQing Pads

Using several different high-frequency sounds in your track can create conflicts in the upper register. Long, drawn-out pad sounds are especially prone to creating this type of conflict, as they play constantly across a wide frequency range.

You can see from the spectrum analyses that the pad occupies most of the frequency spectrum from 300Hz upward. The bell-like synth peaks at around 400Hz, and the lead synth sits around 1kHz.

Pad Spectrum Analysis

Bell Spectrum Analysis

Lead Spectrum Analysis










Use an equalizer to reduce the pad at 400Hz and 1kHz. These cuts are probably deeper than necessary; I’ve set the gains down to -15dB to highlight the difference.

Pad EQ





Cutting these frequencies out of the pad creates space for the other synth sounds. You can also automate the EQ points so that they only activate when the conflicting sythesizer is playing.


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